• Terri opens July 1st!

    Last summer, I decided to take a few weeks to work for my dear friend Azazel Jacobs (much of the work on my site has been directed by him) on his newest film Terri. While I was not the film's editor, it was an extremely rewarding experience to work alongside the very talented film editor Darrin Navarro (Bug, Momma's Man, Killer Joe) and learn a thing or two about preparing to cut a feature film. I was able to see the film come in day after day and we could tell right away that this film would be something very different and special. I urge everyone in New York and Los Angeles to go out this weekend to experience this fantastic film. For the rest of you it will be as they say, "coming soon to a theater near you," so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer posted above and visit the official website.